What Is Kanban


Kanban is a workflow administration method intended to assist you to visualise your workflow, maximise productivity and be flexible. Kanban is a Japanese concept that can be interpreted as signboard or noticeboard. Arising from production, it later grew into a theory maintained by rapid software development organisations. Lately, it started becoming recognised in business circles ….  Read More

What is lean six sigma


Lean Six Sigma is a method that focuses on improving performance by systematically eliminating problems, removing waste, inefficiency and improving the working conditions, thus creating a favourable working environment for better results to customer needs. The method incorporates the six sigma and the lean enterprise or the lean manufacturing to get of the eight main ….  Read More

What Is 5s


5S stands for five Japanese words (Seiri — Sorting, Seiton — Set in order, Seiso — Clean, Seiketsu — Standardize, Shitsuke — Practice) and consists of a structured method that aims to improve the work area. This method was developed in Japan, in Toyota, to develop an employee culture to determine the optimal tidy and ….  Read More